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Your Automatic Kegel Exerciser – With A Kick!

Tighten, Tone, Love Every Minute Of It

Intensity is a whole new way to approach your intimate health. You probably already know the benefits of Kegels, but what if they could be even better?

Now They Are.

Easy, Effective, & The Best 10 Minutes of Your Day

Your pelvic floor is a critical muscle group that supports your bladder and other pelvic organs. In terms of sexual health; a strong, healthy pelvic floor is vital to all female sexual functions. Research has proven that a strong pelvic floor results in stronger orgasms. Intensity is the only device available that uses muscle stimulation to activate your pelvic floor muscles along with the added benefit of dual vibration, giving your Kegels a kick!

Intensity arrives in a discreet package delivered directly to your home. It is complete with everything you need to get started with your pelvic floor toning. Don’t waste your time wondering if you have proper technique and let Intensity do the work for you. Experience the life-changing benefits that over 60,000 very satisfied women have experienced.

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43 reviews for Intensity 2.0

  1. Jo

    I give this product 5 stars because I was having these treatments done in an Uro GYN’s ( A medical specialist who deals with the pelvic organs ie.. bladder/female organs) office after being diagnosed with bladder prolapse at my well women’s annual physical. 3/4 of the way through the treatments my health insurance would no longer cover my treatments, for the cost out of pocket would have paid for 5 of these! So I began an online search and found these devices. I bought the wrong one but it also stimulates the muscles that support the bladder and treat incontinence, my incontinence was caused by my bladder prolapse, a falling of the bladder becauase of the laxity of the muscles that support it. and this device continued my treatment which is coming along nicely. When first diagnosed I was wearing those incontinence panties, halfway through the Uro GYN treatments I was able to switch to smaller yet bulky incontinence and now I am using mini pads for the very lightest days of your period which I no longer have, I am well into menopause and mose days the pantie liners for that day have all remained completely dry. I was told when I was first diagnosed that only a bladder lift surgery with mesh and a long painful recovery was the only option, I was so Glad I found out about this online.Thank you so much to the good people of Pour Moi and the developers of such a wonderful and definitely needed product. I am so happy to be feeling like my young self again without embarrassing leaky moments, wasting money on incontinence products, nightmares about the surgical procedure on incontinence products. If you suffer from the same problems I would not hesitate to purchase this product, It really does work! Kudos! Jo ????

  2. Carol Dillon

    I had chemo which destroyed a lot of muscle- including down there. I would pee my pants once in awhile , and really couldn’t finish my husband off????????????‘Tis Totally fixed Both issues ???????? I cannot say enough about this product ????????????

  3. Gerianne Light

    Yes this is personal but I need to share if this helps one woman.
    It started for me feeling well, bulgy down below.. scary it was.. I had no idea what was going on with me
    Very uncomfortable feeling and thinking the worse
    I went to a specialist gyno.. she told me my pelvic floor is dropped a bit.
    I said what? I never had children so why? Well yes I’m 53 and had VERY little intimatcy in my entire adult life. So causing my insides to become weak.
    So yes lack of sex weak pelvic wall plain and simple I had to do something about it doctor wanted me to do kegel exercises I researched before I went and found this device I was kind of in a desperate state I canceled the appointment for the kegel and bought this instead what a life-changing experience has helped me tremendously for several months every day for 10 minutes work your way up to the intensity you can tolerate or should I say enjoy

  4. Kelly Brogdon

    I have not had a bladder leak since the FIRST time I tried this device! Seriously! They say it takes a couple months of everyday use, and I’m sure it will only get better, but right from the start I have noticed a huge improvement. I’m really pretty shocked. I’ve had 3 natural childbirths. It is so nice to not have to worry about peeing myself on the way to the bathroom at work! Also, yeah, it’s fun to use. One of the best purchases ever!! Would recommend to anyone!

  5. Alicia S.

    At 51 I thought I was doomed to leakage, urgency and weak climaxing. I have had these issues for about a year. I saw the ad on Facebook and was interested and looked at the videos and read about the Intensity. I decided there was nothing to lose, I ordered and anxiously awaited its arrival. The shipping was fast! Now to the good news, after the first use, I felt stronger down below and slept through the night without getting up to pee 2 or 3 times! The next day, I had no leakage and noticed no drips after urinating. From watching the videos, I learned the urgency or overactive bladder will take longer to resolve. I can live with that and am very encouraged with my results so far. I am very much looking forward to improved sexual experience for my husband and I. I will update once I have more experience with the device.

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