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The Workout You Won’t Want To Miss!

Pelvic floor health isn’t all fun and games. Intensity was born from a medical device, and is the only intimate health product available that combines pleasure with pelvic floor toning, giving you a workout you’ll look forward to.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that surround the vagina and support other structures in the pelvis. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide improved intimacy, sensation and stronger orgasm, along with better bladder control.

The One Device Every Woman Needs

Intensity’s Muscle stimulation provides the “mind muscle connection”, as Intensity automatically strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, it teaches you how an effective, properly performed Kegel exercise should feel—allowing you to learn proper technique. With added inflation, Intensity’s vibration activates more nerves, meaning your body is learning to experience more sensation with every session.

Dual Vibrators – Why Two Is Better Than One

When someone mentions the clitoris, we automatically think about the small external portion which is known as the glans—a pleasure zone of nearly 8,000 nerves. That small area loaded with nerves also has the power to spread that oh-so-good feeling to over 15,000 other nerves throughout the pelvis. Let’s just think about that one for a minute…

The glans is simply the external portion of the clitoris, but many people don’t know the clitoris extends internally and then splits similarly to a wishbone around the vaginal canal.

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An Automatic Pelvic Exerciser, With A Kick!

Your pelvic floor is a critical muscle group that supports your bladder and other pelvic organs. In terms of sexual health; a strong, healthy pelvic floor is vital to all female sexual functions. Research has proven that a strong pelvic floor results in stronger orgasms. Intensity is the only device available that uses muscle stimulation to activate your pelvic floor muscles along with the added benefit of dual vibration, giving your Kegels a kick!

Pleasure – With a Purpose

Intensity arrives in a discreet package delivered directly to your home. It is complete with everything you need to get started with your pelvic floor toning. Don’t waste your time wondering if you have proper technique and let Intensity do the work for you. Experience the life-changing benefits that over 60,000 very satisfied women have experienced.

81 reviews for Intensity 2.0

  1. Patti Harada

    I ordered my In Control product yesterday. While I wait for its arrival, You have to know how amazing this company.

    Yesterday I ordered my InControl TWICE. Get this: they caught it and canceled the second charge. Now which companies do you know of that are that meticulous?

    Perhaps they will make a device I can stick in my skull to stimulate my brain?

  2. Lisa

    This intense is AMAZING! I love how good it feels during the contractions. It makes me have multipal orgasums and when I add the vibrator Its to the moon and over the top with orgasums. My only problem is using it longer then 10 minutes. It feels soooooooooooooooooo good!

  3. Martha W

    Intensity, where have you been my entire adult life? I am 58 and sex had become very painful to me. Intensity has cured me of the pain. I feel 20 years younger. I am producing my own lubrication now and have no incontinence problems. All women get one of these. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on something for myself. Thank you whoever invented this. You’re a genius.

  4. Ralyn

    I’ve used this for 2 yes now and it’s amazing, used to not be able to cough or sneeze without peeing. Sex is better, orgasms more intense. Amazing results

  5. Melody

    This device is amazing. Wish I would have discovered it sooner! I used to have to pee constantly, sex didn’t feel that great and my orgasms were barely there, and I couldn’t hold a kegel for more than a second, and was hardly able to squeeze anything at all. Now my kegels are so much stronger, I can hold them much longer, no longer have the urge to pee all the time and it’s completely changed my sex life for the better. Orgasms are much stronger and last longer now! BUY IT! It’s worth every penny. I’m a mom of 5,

  6. Kathie

    I have been using Intensity for about 2 months now. I am completely free of the bladder spasms I was having after 2 weeks of use. Plus the vibration stimulation factor makes using the product a pleasant and satisfying experience. I have not had any urge or leakage issues since I began using intensity. I highly recommend this product to any and all women who would like to be free of pads and embarrassment from these issues. And the pleasure factor makes it a delightful activity on my daily “do list”.

  7. Andrea Bouwkamp

    Intensity is a miracle. It is saving my vagina and pelvic floor while my husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Intensity flat out prevents and aids against vaginal atrophy, a condition that no woman ever wants.

  8. Mae

    My intensity just arrived yesterday! I used it for all of 5 minutes…. just to get acquainted and OMG, it instantly gave me the strongest orgasm ever! I’m booking windows of time to use it today (no matter how busy my day) so I get the full benefit. The muscle stimulation is great and I can tell it will be just as effective at building my pelvic floor muscles as it is in building my orgasm! If only the gym could incentivize me in the same way, I would be a champion body builder within a week. Lol.

  9. Kimberly Napoli

    I have been incontinent since I was childless and 25. over the years, I have tried every drug, surgery, and rehabilitation program, one at a time. I have an intensity now. I have been able stop the progression of incontinence and avoid the use adult diapers so far. My story has a second theme, though. I have had the MOST EXQUISITE orgasms with my intensity. The rhythmic pulses that contract the pelvic floor together with the external vibration build until I am in a state someplace between Kegel and orgasmic contraction all while making my clitoris feel like the center of the universe. Thank you for making it so pleasurable to maintain my pelvic floor.


  10. Ariane G

    As the mom of a 20-something, I’d had mild stress inconvenience since my daughter’s birth. A total hysterectomy a fewer years ago made that a whole lot worse, and it seemed to be progressive. I didn’t want to resign myself to eternal pad use, so I purchased a TENS/NMS Kegel probe. It made an immediate and drastic improvement, but was hard, difficult to place correctly, and often uncomfortable to use. When I saw an ad for the Apex I was very interested. Then on a whim, I purchased the Intensity instead, and wow, am I glad I did! Correct placement of the electrodes was simple and comfortable, and the little “something extra” really made my day. Finally, I have an effective workout that I can actually look forward to. Thank you so much!

  11. Pat Orange

    I was so tired of peeing when I laughed or when I sneezed. I only had to use this 10 minutes and night 6 days a week and after about three months I never had the problem again for a year-and-a-half. It’s incredible. I’m just having to use it again and I don’t mind because the duration of the relief is fantastic!

  12. Sue Crytser

    I truly thought my sex life was over. So painful. This device has literally changed my life. Well worth the money.

  13. Wendi Seifried

    Love this! I have only used it a few times and have noticed a huge difference! (It is very important to follow instructions otherwise it may ne uncomfortable. )

  14. Anna

    Wow, I’ve had this less than a month and I’m seeing and feeling instant results. I use this several times a week for the recommended time. I will forever use this product. I didn’t realize how tired my muscles were until this woke them up. It’s also improved my intimacy with my partner. I’ve been recommending this to all my friends who’ve had kids. You should get it too!

  15. Maria Elisa SalazarconHuffman

    Absolutely love my Intensity! Never has self care been sooooo enjoyable! During this tune of COVID-19, self care and finding ways to relieve stress is so important. And using time at home to improve health and wellness is a great way to make it feel worthwhile. Do yourself a favor and buy it today!

  16. Theresa M

    I am 54 years of age and have suffered with many bladder/pelvic issues all my life and have tried everything from medications to cystoscopy with hydrodistention to botox injections to having a sacral neuromodulation neurostimulator implanted into my body in 2011 at the cost of $75,000.. I have also tried manual therapy and ben wa ball therapy. Kegels have been a part of my life since I was a preteen due to my history, but how do you really know if you are doing them correctly?
    One of my biggest issues was painful sex. I love sex, everything but the pain and I would try my hardest not to let my husband see how painful it was for me. This device has definitely relieved pain during sex for me. That is HUGE! I am 54 years old. To finally be free of pain after NEVER in my life experiencing sex without pain? It is a miracle! And the Intensity cost me $180.00!
    I do not have leakage, thankfully but there are so many reviews that cover that so I am here to say that the quality of my life has definitely been improved because I can have intimacy without pain. The first time I used the Intensity, as others have testified, literally 30 seconds after starting the session I had to peel myself off the ceiling so I could finish the Kegel portion of the session. I was shocked because I was never successful in being able to reach orgasm, probably due to pain, so I was not expecting that intense burst of pleasure!
    I highly recommend this device to ALL women. Don’t wait until you start having problems. Why not get one now, keep your vaginal tissue healthy, toned and tightened. We spend so much money on face serums promising long lasting youth, etc., we spend money for gym memberships and/or trainers, ladies, trust me….you need to take care of your vaginal tissue, pelvic floor, etc. Buy this! You will love it! One more added comment that I wasn’t going to sat but what the heck…….my female gynecologist, while doing my pelvic exam said to me, and remember, I am 54 years old, “You are SO TIGHT!”

  17. Jeana B

    I received my Intensity 2.0, and I am thoroughly impressed with the pelvic floor engagement that this device allowed me to experience. I’ve done the run-of-the-mill Kegel exercises before, but not at this level of intensity. Plus, the surprise of a toe-curling orgasm about 30 seconds after I started using the device for the first time was a very pleasurable bonus. The device hit the spot… literally! Thank you for a great product. If only other exercise routines were this enjoyable. This is one workout I am now eagerly anticipating. Thank you for your great product.

  18. Sandra Steen

    I really enjoy my Intensity 2.0. It helps with my leakage, fantastic orgasms and with my pelvic floor strengthening.

  19. Linda K.

    I love my Intensity device!! It’s both easy to use and also very enjoyable 😉. I can tell that my pelvic floor muscles are stronger (no leakage) but also it’s making my orgasms stronger (added benefit). My husband can tell also. He feels the intensity of my internal grip and says it’s amazing. Best thing I’ve ever purchased for me ❤️😃

  20. Sandra Steen

    I love my Intensity 2.0 it works very well with excellent results.

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