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Attain was selected as one of the top women’s health advancements of 2019 by Dr. Holly Thacker, MD, Director of the Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic.

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The Only Guaranteed At-Home Solution to Bladder Leakage

Over 80 million women are in the same situation as you, living with bladder and/or bowel leakage. If you’re experiencing:

  • Urgency or Overactive Bladder: Sudden urges to use the restroom or getting up frequently during the night
  • Stress incontinence: that laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise leakage
  • Accidental bowel leakage

Attain is more than 90% effective at curing bowel and bladder leakage. If you use Attain as directed for 90 days and you’re not satisfied with your results, we will refund your purchase price.
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I can go in long car trips, bike rides, and can even jump on the trampoline with my kids with no leaks.Amanda D.

Solve Incontinence at the Source – The Muscle Level – No Risk to You.

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Attain solves incontinence at the source of the problem, the muscle level, without the use of pads or medications. In order to solve incontinence, it’s necessary to calm certain muscles and strengthen others.

Attain arrives in a discreet package, it is complete with everything you need to get started. You’ll even have one-on-one access to a female clinician, should you have questions, who can walk you through your journey. Get Attain and experience the life-changing benefits that over 120,000+ women already have.

I have used the Attain for 10 days, and I’m already noticing that my bladder spasms have calmed down tremendously.Virginia

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The Attain Guarantee

If you use Attain as directed for 90 days, and if you’re not noticing a difference with your bladder leakage, you may return the device and we’ll refund your purchase price. Attain is the only device of its type with this guarantee.

43 reviews for Attain

  1. Lorraine

    I had gone through fifteen sessions with a pelvic floor specialist and with good results but not the level I had expected. I have told my gynecologist and urologist about this device and they are now recommending to their patients.

  2. Kayte

    I have had a long history of incontinence from the time I was a young girl to now. It has only gotten worse over the years to the point of having to wear protection around the clock. I started using the Attain about a week ago in that short amount of time, I have gone from not being able to make it to the bathroom and having to wear “diapers” on a daily basis, to not having to wear anything at all! I’ll be forever grateful to you!! Thank you!!

  3. Christine

    I have had incontinence for over 7 years now. I am 52 years old and was hopeless. I’ve tried every other thing on the market to no avail. I’ve been using Attain for 44 days now and I have no more leaking. I was leaking constantly, I had to wear a pad 24/7. Now I wear nothing! Finding this device was a miracle. Whoever invented this thing is a genius! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Michele Hartranft

    I love my Attain by InControl Medical. I woke up one to three times a night to pee for the last ten years. I have been using Attain for about 3 months. I have not had to get up to use the restroom in the night at all for weeks! Plus I kept my Uterus instead of having it removed like they traditionally do with Stage 4 Uterine Prolapse. Attain is part of what I am doing to reverse my ligament and pelvic floor issues and heal naturally! Thank you!

  5. Laura Gans

    I’m going to be blunt with my symptoms: prolapsing bladder, smudging on the back of my panties, stress incontinence & feelings of frequent urination with weak stream; first-time UTI. I’m 65 years old; 7 years post menopause. Symptoms have increased over that time. I can’t say enough about the positive results achieved from Attain. I’ve been using it 4 full weeks (6 sessions each week) and no longer experience smudging, no stress incontinence, no feelings of frequent urination and my stream is strong. The clincher – my prolapsing bladder has returned to its normal position. It still slips sometimes when under a lot of physical stress but then returns to its normal position. I feel confident that my pelvic floor muscles will continue to strengthen with use/maintenance of Attain. Thank you to the designers for developing it and to InControl Medical for offering it without a prescription!

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