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Leaking While Exercising or Running

Exercise is the second leading cause of bladder leakage

Ironically, exercise is the second leading cause of bladder leakage in women. Why? A woman’s pelvic floor organs are supported and held in place by her pelvic floor muscles. This hammock like group of muscles support her pelvic floor organs and allow her to squeeze her urethra and prevent urine leakage. Exercise, particularly, running, and jumping stretches those pelvic floor muscles resulting in weak muscles and resulting bladder leakage. Ever notice all the pad companies with displays at marathons?


Want to stop leaking pee when exercising?


ApexM, by InControl Medical, is scientifically and specifically designed to strengthen and tone female pelvic floor muscles, eliminating accidental bladder leakage. Thousands of physicians have prescribed ApexM to their patients with bladder leakage and now it’s available over the counter without a prescription. The ApexM device is like going to the gym for your pelvic floor.

Go ahead, run, jump rope, trampoline it’s great for your heart and skeletal muscles. But, for your pelvic floor muscles you need ApexM. It’s simple, easy to use, and without any side effects other than a healthier, drier you.

Incontinence Facts

  • A weak pelvic floor can lead to symptoms such as; bladder leakage, migration of the internal organs to vaginal canal, bowel leakage, poor sensation during intercourse and prolonged postpartum recovery.
  • InControl Medical products are manufactured in the USA, for women, by women.
  • The average woman with light bladder leakage spends over $700 a year in pads and bladder control products.
  • Your pelvic floor will not get any stronger if you do not exercise it.
  • 50% of women do kegels incorrectly according to the national institute of health.
  • It is estimated that disposable pads take 500 years to decompose.

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