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Only At Home Solution for All Types of Incontinence

Over 80 million women are in the same situation as you, living with bladder and/or bowel leakage. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of…

  • Urgency or Overactive Bladder: those sudden urges to use the restroom or getting up frequently during the night
  • Stress incontinence: that laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise leakage
  • Accidental bowel leakage

Attain will set you free and transform your life. Live without the aggravation of leakage.

  • FDA Cleared, No Prescription Required
  • Used in the Privacy of Home
  • No Pills, No Pads, No Surgery, No Side Effects

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Solve Incontinence at the Source – The Muscle Level – No Risk to You.

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Attain solves incontinence at the source of the problem, the muscle level, without the use of pads or medications. In order to solve incontinence, it’s necessary to calm certain muscles and strengthen others.

Attain is more than 90% effective at solving bladder and bowel leakage in women. If you use Attain as directed for 90 days and you’re not satisfied with your results, we will refund your purchase price.
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How Attain Works

Easy, Effective & Private.

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Attain arrives in a discreet package, it is complete with everything you need to get started. You’ll even have one-on-one access to a female clinician, should you have questions, who can walk you through your journey. Get Attain and experience the life-changing benefits that over 120,000+ women already have.

“I’ve been using Attain for 44 days now and I have no more leaking. I was leaking constantly, I had to wear a pad 24/7. Now I wear nothing! Finding this device was a miracle.” – Christine
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