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The Solution for Incontinence

Incontrol Medical LLc is the world’s largest supplier of medical devices that treat/cure stress, urge and mixed bladder leakage in women. InControl also provides devices that treat/cure men with urinary leakage. Finally, InControl Medical provides devices that treat/cure bowel leakage in both men and women. Incontinence of all types is our specialty.

Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, InControl Medical manufactures all of its products in the United States. Ours is an ISO 13485 certified facility for quality manufacturing. InControl Medical meets or exceeds all Federal and State regulations regarding the sale of medical devices in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. If you suffer from bladder or bowel leakage we have a very successful product to solve those issues.

No Pills, No Pads, Just Dry

"I no longer stop in the bladder pad section at the drug store. I can drink coffee again, go out with my friends for a glass of wine ( or two). I laugh as robustly as I want and I'm no longer scared to sneeze. No more change of clothes in my trunk. My ApexM is not pretty, but it sure does work!"

~Nancy Sanford, Mom and teacher

Non-Prescriptive, Over-The-Counter Device

Apex®M: Treat Incontinence, Bladder Leaks & OAB For Good

Now available without a doctor prescription, ApexM is the ONLY over-the-counter device clinically proven to treat the common types of female urinary incontinence, bladder leakage & overactive bladder. Join the 60,000+ women we’ve already helped rid themselves of urinary incontinence today!

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Success Rate

Clinically Proven to Work

A recent clinical study shows 90% improvement in daily incontinence episodes (a.k.a leaks)

Bladder leakage is absolutely curable without surgery or medications. InControl Medical devices treat the underlying cause of bladder leakage and urinary incontinence in women rather than merely masking them, eliminating unfortunate leaks for life.

Physician Success Stories

  • "My patient is a 75 year diabetic who presented to my office for help with severe yeast infection over her entire pelvic region due to severe urinary incontinence leading her to have to use many pads all day long and still would soil her clothing and furniture. When asked what was the one thing that we could use as a "carrot" to get her to do her intone training regularly, she said she wanted to be able to buy a new dress and attend her church (she had been unable to go for several years). With her daughter's assistance, she returned in 9 weeks smiling stating that she had just bought a new dress and would be attending the next service. She remains dry 3 years later."
    —Catherine F. Vanderloos, MD - Obstetrician-Gynecologist - Shreveport, LA
  • "It’s time to talk about this taboo topic before diapers become the newest accessory in the Nike store. So yes, strengthen your calves and abs, but don’t forget to strengthen your below-the-belt muscles to be truly fit with Incontrol Medical products!"
    —Dr. Lauren Streicher - Gynecologic Specialists of Northwestern - Chicago, IL
  • "Our patients have been especially grateful to have a solution to various types of bladder issues related to urinary incontinence without surgery, medication or side-effects. It has always been a philosophy of our practice to use the least invasive approach possible and InControl products have fit right in. Our patients appreciate it and our physicians are delighted to be able to bring success in a manner that ensures progress."
    —Dr. Lisa Jaacks - Desert West OBGYN - Glendale, AZ
  • "The new guideline for the treatment of urinary incontinence from the American College of Physicians stressed medical evaluation and management with a focus on physical therapy. Now that there are approved pelvic stimulating devices, like InTone, APEX, InToneMV and APEX M women have the option of intense, effective pelvic floor physical therapy (with or without biofeedback) to treat common forms of urinary leakage."
    —Dr. Holly Thacker - Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH
  • "Incontrol Medical products have truly changed the lives of Dr. Prewitt’s patients. InControl Medical devices have proven to Dr. Prewitt’s patients that incontinence is “Not Just a Part of Aging” and is not something they have to live with. Patients that were once afraid to cough, sneeze or laugh due to embarrassing urinary leakage no longer have to live in fear. Men and women who were afraid to leave home with fear of being far from a restroom can now come and go at their leisure. The devices have also improved Dr. Prewitt’s patients’ activity levels. Patients who were once afraid to exercise due to urinary and fecal incontinence can now enjoy being active again."
    —Dr. Maryann Prewitt - HealthWellness MD - Dallas, TX

Prescriptive Devices

To Be Obtained Through Your Medical Provider. Prescriptive Devices Require Physician Participation.


Voice guided assistance and biofeedback that visually shows your progress.

Bladder Leakage

The most advanced at home device designed to treat male bladder leakage.

Male and Female Fecal Incontinence

Clinically proven to end fecal incontinence in both men and women.

Patient Success Stories

  • "We have been using these products for a couple of years as part of overall health and wellness. All of them are amazing, affordable, easy to teach and very effective. For women with cystocele and rectocele (relaxed pelvic floor often from vaginal child birth) we have seen these products reduce and possibly eliminate these issues. They have developed a product for men who have urine control problems as well. The devices give women the vaginal muscle control they had when they were much younger prior to pregnancies."
    —Women's Ultimate Healthcare - Oklahoma City, OK
  • "After having my second child I noticed that I was leaking urine when I got back into running. I was so frustrated running and having to wear pads. I found and bought Apex and after using it for about 6 weeks I no longer leak when I run. What a great product!"
    —Jean J. - Pasadena, CA
  • "I used my ApexM for just a few weeks and I can sleep all night without having to get up and go to the bathroom. Rest is wonderful!"
    —Carolyn W. - Ann Arbor, MI
  • "I am 54 and have what one doctor called "key in door syndrome". Otherwise known as OAB (overactive bladder). I tried medications and they made my mouth dry and my stomach upset, I stopped taking them after the first month. A friend of mine told me she saw an ad about ApexM, boy am I glad I looked into it! Been using it a few months and I can honestly say I haven't had any issues!"
    —Joanna P. - Denver, CO
  • "It's time to talk about this taboo topic before diapers become the newest accessory in the Nike store. So yes, strengthen your calves and abs, but don’t forget to strengthen your below-the-belt muscles to be truly fit with InControl Medical products!"
    —Dr. Lauren Streicher - Northwestern Medical - Chicago, IL