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The Ultimate Solution to Bladder and/or Bowel Leakage

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“I’ve been using Attain for 44 days now and I have no more leaking. I was leaking constantly, I had to wear a pad 24/7. Now I wear nothing! Finding this device was a miracle.” – Christine

Things you need to know about leakage:

1. Bladder and bowel leakage are not normal and can be cured!
2. Left untreated bladder and bowel leakage will get worse over time.
3. You didn’t inherit bladder or bowel leakage from your mom.
4. Childbirth and high impact exercise are the leading causes of bladder and bowel leakage.
5. Bladder and bowel leakage are in most cases a muscle issue; weak pelvic floor muscles, and overactive detrusor muscles (OAB). Fix the muscles, solve the problem, literally is that simple.
6. The most common medications for OAB have been shown in clinical studies to increase the chances of developing dementia by 50%!
7. Diapers and pads don’t treat bladder or bowel leakage, but they will increase your chances of developing a UTI.
8. 60,000,000 women deal with bladder leakage and 16,000,000 women deal with bowel leakage every day.
9. Buyer Beware!
There are “companies” selling therapies that simply don’t work i.e. infrared light, magnetic waves. Electrical muscle stimulation has been used by physical therapists and sports medicine physicians for decades to rehabilitate muscles. Attain improved the process to build muscles quickly and efficiently.
Especially beware of products that force you to continue to buy a disposable part. They want to do the same thing that pad companies do, have you buying a disposable item that over time will cost you thousands of dollars. Attain is designed to last 10 years with no disposable piece to buy.
Attain was scientifically developed to cure bladder and bowel leakage by rehabilitating the muscles that cause the problem.


What’s the Difference?

Treats Stress Incontinence
Treats Urge Incontinence / OAB
Treats Mixed Incontinence
Treats Fecal Incontinence
Internal and External Vibration
Visual Biofeedback
Visually Guided Exercise Program
Customized Fit
Unique Patented Muscle Stimulation:
Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles
Calms Bladder Muscle
Performance Guarantee
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