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FDA-cleared at-home medical devices for the treatment of incontinence

The World’s Leading Provider of FDA Cleared, In Home, Medical Devices for the Treatment of Bladder and Bowel Leakage.
-Transparency Market Research 2019

“Our company’s entire focus is improving women’s pelvic floor health and eliminating bladder and bowel leakage as a factor in people’s daily lives”
— Herschel Peddicord
InControl Medical

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The Ultimate Solution to Bladder and Bowel Leakage in Women.

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The Apex® activates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles much more effectively and efficiently than you can do on your own.

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Pelvic Floor and Intimate Health Device.

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Curing adult incontinence without pills or surgery

Women who suffer from bladder leakage or urinary and fecal incontinence often do so in silence. Instead of consulting a doctor, they’ll employ various workarounds, such as pads or diapers, and will do this for years.

While current treatments include long-term prescription drug usage, behavioral techniques, or surgery, these treatments don’t address the root cause: weak pelvic floor muscles and/or an overactive detrusor muscle.

InControl Medical, LLC has changed all that. Our patented, FDA-cleared devices allow women — and their physicians — to cure both urinary and fecal incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor and calming the detrusor muscle, naturally, safely, and non-invasively, from the privacy of home.

Our products have been proven safe and clinically effective, and have given people the ability to live life to the fullest — free of worry and embarrassment.

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