InControl Medical is the leading provider of FDA Cleared, at home medical devices, for the treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence

Attain,  the only at-home FDA cleared device to treat stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence and/or fecal incontinence.

Intensity, an automatic pelvic floor exerciser
and intimate health device.

Apex, an FDA cleared medical device for the treatment of stress incontinence.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you for giving me hope when I had none! Last night was the first time I can remember in my entire life, I did not wake up once to go to the bathroom! I am looking forward to getting out and away from home. I can't wait to enjoy all that I have been missing my entire life!


I am 22 and four months ago I had my second child. I could tell a big difference when it came to bladder control. There were times I wanted to cry because I thought I was already ruined for having kids so young. I came across this and finally bought it. I’ve only used it 5 times so far but can tell a difference with my orgasms. They went from good to phenomenal!!! Within those 5 days I jumped from 2 to 7 pretty fast so it must be working. Only thing that got me was the price but very glad I bought it.


I have used plenty of Kegel exercisers including weighted balls, spring loaded devices and the list goes on. Apex was the first Kegel exerciser that gave me results. After using it for the past 4 weeks even my husband noticed a difference! Thank you for giving me a product that takes the guess work out of doing my Kegels


I am so grateful to have seen a tv commercial for Attain. I watched the videos and decided that I didn't have anything to lose. I have had and used the Attain for 10 days now, and I'm already noticing that my bladder spasms have calmed down tremendously. I am committed to keep going for as long as it takes to get good bladder control. I'm so tired of pads! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


turned 69 years old yesterday, have MS, lost my libido and got it back but have always had trouble reaching an orgasm. Haven’t had one in five+ months and tried everything with no luck! Just got the Intensity and on my third try with it after experimenting finally got there with continuing or maybe multiple orgasms giving myself the best birthday present ever!! I am also stress incontinent and hoping this will fix or help that also. OMG!!! I am absolutely thrilled to death! Thank you, thank you Pour Moi for an incredible product. Going to tell my gynecologist about this product to help other ladies in need!


“It is terrific that there are safe, effective, over the counter options for women with stress incontinence (APEX) and female sexual function (Intensity) for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor, improve bladder control and enhance sexual function.”

Holly L. Thacker MD, FACP, CCD, NCMPDirector of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women's Health

What’s the Difference? | Find the right InControl Product for you

Treats Stress Incontinence
Treats Urge Incontinence / OAB
Treats Mixed Incontinence
Treats Fecal Incontinence
Internal and External Vibration
Visual Biofeedback
Visually Guided Exercise Program
Customized Fit
Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles
Calms Bladder Muscle
FSA / HSA Eligible
Performance Guarantee
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