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Your Automatic Kegel Exerciser – With A Kick!

Tighten, Tone, Love Every Minute Of It

Intensity is a whole new way to approach your intimate health. You probably already know the benefits of Kegels, but what if they could be even better?

Now They Are.

Easy, Effective, & The Best 10 Minutes of Your Day

Your pelvic floor is a critical muscle group that supports your bladder and other pelvic organs. In terms of sexual health; a strong, healthy pelvic floor is vital to all female sexual functions. Research has proven that a strong pelvic floor results in stronger orgasms. Intensity is the only device available that uses muscle stimulation to activate your pelvic floor muscles along with the added benefit of dual vibration, giving your Kegels a kick!

Intensity arrives in a discreet package delivered directly to your home. It is complete with everything you need to get started with your pelvic floor toning. Don’t waste your time wondering if you have proper technique and let Intensity do the work for you. Experience the life-changing benefits that over 60,000 very satisfied women have experienced.

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54 reviews for Intensity 2.0

  1. Kris Mccellan

    I just purchased the intensity and absolutely love it … It truly does help I must say I was a little skeptical at first but after using it first time I was amazed… recommend this highly definitely helps with the Keguel exercises…

  2. Alice

    Alice –
    My mom actually is the one who bought it. She didnt try it after a few months and gave it to me. I am so glad she did . I used it two days in a row and then had sex with my partner. I am very pleased to say that I ejaculated twice! I had only ever had that happen once in my life. Im going to have to replace this one for my mom LOL

  3. Chris Moore

    After two weeks of using the Intensity, I am seeing significant improvement in muscle strength and intensity of orgasms. I’ve also noticed improvement in my stress incontinence when I cough. Sooo impressed!

  4. B Smith

    My hubby could definitely tell a difference in tightness after just one week. I have had three vaginal deliveries and this product had been amazing for me/us!

  5. AmBuer Edenburn

    Thank you so much for such a great product! I love this for its intended use, strengths the kegels. I’m 44 and although I always have done my kegels, this is a complete game changer. It’s incredibly intense!! The orgasms during the exersize it out of this world. The orgasms after using this are intense. I feel like I’m in my 20’s with this. It is well worth the investment. There are very nice ladies to help with any questions. No question is odd. They are extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself and your sexual health and get the intensity. It’s named that for a reason!! I love this product!!

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