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The Workout You Won’t Want To Miss!

Pelvic floor health isn’t all fun and games. Intensity was born from a medical device, and is the only intimate health product available that combines pleasure with pelvic floor toning, giving you a workout you’ll look forward to.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that surround the vagina and support other structures in the pelvis. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide improved intimacy, sensation and stronger orgasm, along with better bladder control.

The One Device Every Woman Needs

Intensity’s Muscle stimulation provides the “mind muscle connection”, as Intensity automatically strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, it teaches you how an effective, properly performed Kegel exercise should feel—allowing you to learn proper technique. With added inflation, Intensity’s vibration activates more nerves, meaning your body is learning to experience more sensation with every session.

Dual Vibrators – Why Two Is Better Than One

When someone mentions the clitoris, we automatically think about the small external portion which is known as the glans—a pleasure zone of nearly 8,000 nerves. That small area loaded with nerves also has the power to spread that oh-so-good feeling to over 15,000 other nerves throughout the pelvis. Let’s just think about that one for a minute…

The glans is simply the external portion of the clitoris, but many people don’t know the clitoris extends internally and then splits similarly to a wishbone around the vaginal canal.

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An Automatic Pelvic Exerciser, With A Kick!

Your pelvic floor is a critical muscle group that supports your bladder and other pelvic organs. In terms of sexual health; a strong, healthy pelvic floor is vital to all female sexual functions. Research has proven that a strong pelvic floor results in stronger orgasms. Intensity is the only device available that uses muscle stimulation to activate your pelvic floor muscles along with the added benefit of dual vibration, giving your Kegels a kick!

Pleasure – With a Purpose

Intensity arrives in a discreet package delivered directly to your home. It is complete with everything you need to get started with your pelvic floor toning. Don’t waste your time wondering if you have proper technique and let Intensity do the work for you. Experience the life-changing benefits that over 60,000 very satisfied women have experienced.

Dr. Emily Morse Reviews the Intensity Device!


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65 reviews for Intensity 2.0

  1. Cassandra Smith

    I absolutely love it. I have my confidence back. I, honestly, thought I would have to wear pads for the rest of my life. This is completely life changing. I absolutely love it. It is worth every last penny. I want to shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone woman I know. Buy Intensity, you will NOT regret it!

  2. Kerry

    I have the Intensity and love it Ive worked my way up to 5th setting, I have noticed I’m not putting on pads as often and feel more reassured I wont have an accident! The kick you get at the end of a session is a bonus!!

  3. Sandra

    A very good product, works beyond my expectations.

  4. Elizabeth Shelnutt

    I wrote an early review on Intensity 2.0. Now that I have used it for a couple of weeks, I would like to update my review. I use it daily for a full 10 minutes and am up to level 7 on intensity. I am 61 and have had a little leakage from time to time for a couple of years, despite doing kegels. Last night I sneezed 7 times in a row and not one drip! This machine is a miracle and I am so pleased that I ordered it!!

  5. Laneal

    I’ve never written an review for a product before but feel that I need to. I can definitely tell a difference and so can my partner. If you are on the fence about this product go for it….no regrets here!

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