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Attain was selected as one of the top women’s health advancements of 2019 by Dr. Holly Thacker, MD, Director of the Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic.

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The Only Guaranteed At-Home Solution to Bladder Leakage

Over 80 million women are in the same situation as you, living with bladder and/or bowel leakage. If you’re experiencing:

  • Urgency or Overactive Bladder: Sudden urges to use the restroom or getting up frequently during the night
  • Stress incontinence: that laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise leakage
  • Accidental bowel leakage

Attain is more than 90% effective at curing bowel and bladder leakage. If you use Attain as directed for 90 days and you’re not satisfied with your results, we will refund your purchase price.
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I can go in long car trips, bike rides, and can even jump on the trampoline with my kids with no leaks.Amanda D.

Solve Incontinence at the Source – The Muscle Level – No Risk to You.

Woman Jumping on Couch

Attain solves incontinence at the source of the problem, the muscle level, without the use of pads or medications. In order to solve incontinence, it’s necessary to calm certain muscles and strengthen others.

Attain arrives in a discreet package, it is complete with everything you need to get started. You’ll even have one-on-one access to a female clinician, should you have questions, who can walk you through your journey. Get Attain and experience the life-changing benefits that over 120,000+ women already have.

I have used the Attain for 10 days, and I’m already noticing that my bladder spasms have calmed down tremendously.Virginia

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Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST

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The Attain Guarantee

If you use Attain as directed for 90 days, and if you’re not noticing a difference with your bladder leakage, you may return the device and we’ll refund your purchase price. Attain is the only device of its type with this guarantee.

46 reviews for Attain

  1. Lorrie C

    I’ve had issues with bladder leakage for a while and even tho I did kegels it didnt help. I seen an ad on facebook for the Attain . I admit the price scared me. But,I bit the bullet and bought it. Customer service is awesome as well. This product,after the 3rd day of use I seen a big difference. Leakage is minimal. I’m looking forward to none at all. Thank you!!!

  2. Brittany

    Attain was a lifesaver. I was an athlete before having my son, but after I couldn’t walk down stairs without wetting myself, never mind running and jumping! I saw multiple pelvic floor therapists who each helped marginally, but 20 weeks of therapy didn’t hold a candle to 3 weeks of using attain! Now I am back to running and jumping like before. As with any rehab it’s not always the most fun part of the day, but with consistency this little device makes a really huge difference!

  3. Laura

    I am in my second week of use and expect to report back later on. I was so upset at experiencing symptoms- I researched options and chose this one after watching a you-tube video of the CEO – very sincere- and seeing the guarantee. After only 8 days of use, I am experiencing relief and am so hopeful that this product will end the stress of this issue….as well as bringing other unexpected benefits. 😉 stay tuned, I’ll report back!

  4. lisa Reinicke

    I put up with leaks for many years. I tried physical therapy where they taught the proper kegel. No luck
    Then they were using Juvederm to bulk up the urethra tube- That worked but had to do it every year. Then they stopped doing the procedure.
    Had surgery- That worked for 2 years. Problem came back.
    I purchased the Attain in Feb 2020- I have been using it since then religiously – and my leaking is cured. There is a catch- you have to use it.
    Now I don’t need to use it every night since leaking has stopped. I maintain at 4 nights a week.
    I still eat well and stay away from anything that I know will constipate me. Keeping your system operating correctly is also a big key.
    I exercise and maintain a good weight which helps too.
    Once I needed to call and have help as I was turning the system up too high and causing muscle strain. The company was helpful and gave me good direction to continue.
    It does work- Again you have to do it every night for the first 12 weeks

  5. Barb

    I am 62 1/2 with bladder/bowel incontinence. I had my first child at age 17. She came two weeks late. She weighed 8 lbs.11 Oz’s 21 inches long. I had a normal delivery. 15 1/2 years later I had my next child. My son was on time my labor/delivery was normal. The nurse would tell me not to push, but the pain was such that I ignored her and pushed anyway! Well I wanted my tubes tied after I had my son. I was scheduled for the surgery the next morning. So I have surgery at 6:00 a.m. about 1:30 p.m. I ring the nurse and tell her I would like to take a shower. She leaves the room and I slide off the bed, as I get both feet on the floor and stand straight up I start to PEE😜 I had no urge, no control to stop it! I just looked down and grabbed the waste basket and put it between my legs to catch the pee. I started crying, I was so embarrassed! That was how my incontinence began! A year later I needed a hysterectomy and a A&P repair!
    My bowels and bladder needed nipped and tucked!
    After that surgery I became stress incontinent. Three years later one more surgery for my bladder. That worked almost six months. Then in 2004 I had the bladder sling surgery. That was a blessing, I thought!
    Five months later I became full on incontinened of both bladder/bowels. I the bright side no more stress incontinence!
    Now one and a half weeks using Attain everyday with the seventh day off, I have woken up with dry pads, and I am able to get to the bathroom without leaking! That is HUGE for me. My goal is to stop my pee flow and start it again😜❤😉
    I haven’t done that in 30+ years!! My do is 30 tomorrow👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Thank You Attain
    You have no idea how this is a life changer for me!!!!

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