Pleasure with a Purpose

The Workout You Won’t Want to Miss

Intensity, born from a medical device, is the only intimate health product available that combines pleasure with pelvic floor toning, giving you a workout you won’t want to miss.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that surround the vagina and support other structures in the pelvis. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide improved intimacy, sensation and stronger orgasm, along with better bladder control.

Intensity’s Muscle stimulation provides the “mind muscle connection”, as Intensity automatically strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, it teaches you how an effective, properly performed Kegel exercise should feel—allowing you to learn proper technique.

“Two musts for a powerful orgasm; a strong, healthy pelvic floor and getting the right stimulation.”
– Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, SHAPE Magazine

Dual Vibrators: Why Two Are Better Than One

When someone mentions the clitoris, we automatically think about the small external portion which is known as the glans—a pleasure zone of nearly 8,000 nerves. That small area loaded with nerves also has the power to spread that oh-so-good feeling to over 15,000 other nerves throughout the pelvis. Let’s just think about that one for a minute…

The glans is simply the external portion of the clitoris, but many people don’t know the clitoris extends internally and then splits similarly to a wishbone around the vaginal canal.

Now that we understand the full extent of the clitoris, you can see why Intensity provides that full-on vibration sensation to the external portion of the clitoris, and to the internal portion–we want stimulate the entire length of the clitoris.

Double the vibration, increased sensation all leads to that mind-blowing “O”-MG moment.

Research has shown that over half of women who attempt Kegel exercises do them incorrectly by over-using their abdominal, buttock or leg muscles resulting in NO improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength–remember, you must contract the correct muscles in isolation in order to be effective!

Good Vibrations

When Intensity is inserted and customized to your liking, you will feel the fullness of the device perfectly positioned so that you can enjoy the benefits of the internal g-spot and external clitoral vibrators. Users often begin their experience with vibration, choosing from 5 levels of vibration to customize each experience.

Once those “good vibrations” begin, you can add muscle stimulation. Start at the lowest levels, and increase until you feel your muscles contracting around the probe. Before you know it, you are left breathless and feel great knowing with every pleasurable contraction, you tightened and toned your muscles, keeping them fit and healthy.

So go ahead, carve out some “me time” with Intensity – it’s Pleasure with a Purpose!

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