Treatment of the pelvic floor is a specialized aspect of physical and occupational therapy which includes the treatment of women with urinary or fecal incontinence, urgency/frequency of urination, and/or pain in the pelvic region.

Pelvic Floor Therapists utilize bladder training, biofeedback, pelvic floor muscle exercises and muscle stimulation within their practice, which makes Attain the perfect at home component to your long term pelvic health program, solving incontinence naturally, without pills, pads, medication or surgery.

Attain is the natural extension of your therapist’s skill and expertise!


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Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, is the author of Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide To The Sex Life You Deserve.  Her documented success stories in treating vaginismus, incontinence, and other pelvic floor issues at her three Los Angeles area offices has drawn interest from around the globe.

Bladder and bowel leakage can be stopped or significantly reduced with the combined use of Attain and physical therapy. Our licensed physical therapists have been utilizing biofeedback and stim for over 15 years and have integrated the use of Attain and Apex into the practice. We have also seen positive results in our patients that have pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction, such as anorgasmia (no orgasm) or diminished orgasms.

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Attain is a home biofeedback and electrical stimulation device used to conservatively treat stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence. Bladder leakage, even just a few drops is NOT normal. Bladder leakage can get WORSE if not treated. The Attain is appropriate for treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence.[/expand]

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Optimal Living Women’s Pelvic Health program, #FemEssence, provides non-invasive, all natural solutions for women’s pelvic health concerns.  #FemEssence is the safest and healthiest way to regain your Espirit de She.

Our clinicians have advanced training in proven therapeutic techniques and innovative modalities to resolve complex pelvic floor dysfunction, obstetric conditions and other female musculoskeletal pain or problems. You can expect compassionate, confidential and personalized care in a comfortable, discreet environment.  Our goal is to help you return to the activities you care most about.

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