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For female sexual health, Intensity is an intimate stimulation and automatic kegel device that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Exercise enhances pelvic floor tone, strength and control, while heightening intimate sensations.

Intensity was specifically designed to address two critical areas of sexual health, pelvic floor strengthening and orgasm.

Intensity Features

Inflatable Probe

Allows the user to inflate device for maximal pleasure and sensation in addition to positioning stimulation contacts against vaginal wall for smooth delivery of stimulation.

  • High Frequency Muscle Stimulation
    Automatically contracts pelvic floor muscles, stronger and more efficiently than your patient can do on their own.
  • Internal and External Clitoral Vibrators
    Dual vibrators stimulate both the external clitoris and internal portion of clitoris.
  • Intensity, with its patented muscle stimulation and active resistance, rebuilds pelvic floor muscle strength. A strong pelvic floor enhances intimacy, stops and prevents accidental bladder leakage and helps prevent more serious issues such as pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise promotes strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, which studies have shown increases the power and intensity of the female orgasm.
  • Tightened and toned pelvic floor muscles increase sensation for both the end user and partner, resulting in more pleasurable intercourse.
  • Pelvic floor exercise increases blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles which enhances sensation and provides additional lubrication to the vagina.
  • Targeted vibration maximizes response.

Current Clinical Studies

Cleveland Clinic
Utilizing ApexM, Intra-vaginal Electrical Stimulation Device Compared to Sham Device for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Northwestern University Chicago
Utilizing ApexM, Vaginal Electrical Stimulation for Postpartum Neuromuscular Recovery (VESPR)

Georgia Regents Medical Center
Utilizing InToneMV, Home Versus Office Biofeedback Therapy for Fecal Incontinence

Toronto Western Hospital
Utilizing InTone, Effectiveness of the InTone Pelvic Floor Device for Urinary Incontinence

Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance plans vary in coverage and we have found that it is best practice to have patients self-submit to insurance for their device. Even without insurance coverage, InControl products, your first-line treatments for incontinence, are the least expensive treatment options.

HCPCS code for Apex, ApexM and InTone is E0740-NU. InToneMV is a private pay only device.

InTone® and InTone®MV are prescriptive medical devices and may qualify for Health Savings Accounts and insurance deductibles. The Apex® and Apex®M do not require a prescription, however a prescription is recommended if a patient is going to seek reimbursement.

For Medicare Eligible Patients: Medicare covers HCPCS code E0740 as a capped rental (E0740-RR). Your clinic must be a Medicare Accredited DME provider to supply medical devices to Medicare patients. If your office is not an Accredited DME provider, please utilize our partner, Globe Drug & Surgical to provide devices to your Medicare patients.

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