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ApexM For Medical Providers


For the treatment of Stress, Urge and Mixed Urinary Incontinence in Women.

ApexM is the Gold Standard in the treatment of female urinary incontinence and is guaranteed to work. ApexM treats the underlying causes of incontinence—weak pelvic floor muscles and an over-active detrusor muscle.

How It Works

ApexM is used intravaginally, the most effective way to reach the Pelvic Floor Muscles and provides an Inflatable Probe and Muscle Stimulation at specific frequencies in an alternating manner to cure stress, urge or mixed urinary incontinence.

Inflatable Probe

  • Inflation customizes fit to each patient and presses stimulation contacts against the muscle wall ensuring a deep muscle contraction and patient comfort
  • Provides active resistance for pelvic floor muscles to contract against, resulting in a full muscle contraction
  • The probe repositions musculature into a resting position between contractions, avoiding concerns for tonic contraction
  • Muscle Stimulation
    High Frequency Stimulation: strengthens the levator ani of the pelvic floor and the external urethral sphincter, elicits a full contraction of the pelvic floor providing neuromuscular re-training
    Low Frequency Stimulation: calms spasms of the detrusor muscle
  • ApexM Sessions
    ApexM sessions are completed in the privacy of the patient's home. Each session is approximately 10 minutes and are completed 6 days per week. Once desired results are achieved, patients continue with once or twice per week sessions to maintain gains.
    Stress Urinary Incontinence symptoms typically resolve within 10-14 weeks. Patients often notice improvement within a few weeks of use.
    Urge Incontinence symptoms can take up to 26 weeks to resolve depending upon the severity of the individual's symptoms at beginning of therapy. Patients will notice gradual improvement in symptoms over time. Once desired results are achieved, patients move to a maintenance protocol of 1-2 times per week to maintain results.

Current Clinical Studies

Cleveland Clinic
Utilizing ApexM, Intra-vaginal Electrical Stimulation Device Compared to Sham Device for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Northwestern University Chicago
Utilizing ApexM, Vaginal Electrical Stimulation for Postpartum Neuromuscular Recovery (VESPR)

Georgia Regents Medical Center
Utilizing InToneMV, Home Versus Office Biofeedback Therapy for Fecal Incontinence

Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance plans vary in coverage and we have found that it is best practice to have patients self-submit to insurance for their device. Even without insurance coverage, InControl products, your first-line treatments for incontinence, are the least expensive treatment options.

HCPCS code for Apex, ApexM and InTone is E0740-NU. InToneMV is a private pay only device.

InTone® and InTone®MV are prescriptive medical devices and may qualify for Health Savings Accounts and insurance deductibles. The Apex® and Apex®M do not require a prescription, however a prescription is recommended if a patient is going to seek reimbursement.

For Medicare Eligible Patients: Medicare covers HCPCS code E0740 as a capped rental (E0740-RR). Your clinic must be a Medicare Accredited DME provider to supply medical devices to Medicare patients. If your office is not an Accredited DME provider, please utilize our partner, Globe Drug & Surgical to provide devices to your Medicare patients.

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