Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles…with a kick!

The Intensity device combines two functions: it helps women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through muscle stimulation and it provides internal and external clitoral vibration.

A stronger pelvic floor results in stronger, longer, and more powerful orgasms and a tighter, more toned vagina. Pelvic floor exercise improves blood flow, which results in a more lubricated vagina.

How it Works

Intensity, with its patented muscle stimulation, dual vibrators and active resistance, rebuilds pelvic floor muscle strength. A strong pelvic floor enhances intimacy, enhances bladder control and aides in keeping pelvic floor organs in place. Intensity, the all-in-one device for female sexual health.

Do any apply to you?

  • You need an incentive for doing your kegels
  • You’re interested in tightening and toning your vagina
  • You have difficulty achieving an orgasm

Intensity® may be the answer for you!



Muscle Stimulation

Intensity’s muscle stimulation feature automatically strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor more efficiently than you can do on your own. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide improved intimacy, sensation and orgasm, along with better bladder control.

Muscle stimulation provides the “mind muscle connection”, as Intensity automatically strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, it teaches you how an effective, properly performed Kegel exercise should feel—allowing you to learn proper technique.  Intensity’s muscle stimulation eliminates the problems with Kegel exercises!

Research has shown that over half of women who attempt Kegel exercises do them incorrectly by over-using their abdominal, buttock or leg muscles resulting in NO improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength–remember, you must contract the correct muscles in isolation in order to be effective!

Patented, Customizable Probe

Intensity’s probe, unique to InControl Medical products, allows you to inflate after insertion to provide a perfect fit, actually contouring to your body, ensuring comfortable and effective delivery of muscle stimulation in addition to providing active resistance to squeeze against.

Intensity Probe

According to Dr. Arnold Kegel—inventor of Kegel exercises, “Muscles that have lost tone, texture and function can be restored to use by active exercise against progressive resistance since muscles increase in strength in direct proportion to the demands placed upon them.”  Simply put, you need to perform your exercises with active resistance —something to squeeze against.

Dual Vibration

Internal and External vibrators allow for a more powerful orgasm. Internal and External vibration is the perfect way to make your stimulation session more enjoyable!
Intensity Callouts

How to Use Intensity

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