Treat stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence

For physicians treating urinary incontinence in women, InTone is a patented and FDA-cleared device for treating both causes of stress and urge urinary incontinence: weak pelvic floor muscles and an overactive detrusor muscle.

The prescriptive device provides muscle stimulation, visual biofeedback, and voice guided exercises for a patient to use in the privacy of home.

Muscle stimulation

InTone Inflatable probe side by side comparison

The inflatable probe is inserted vaginally; stimulation contacts press against the muscle wall to ensure deep muscle contraction and patient comfort.

High frequency stimulation strengthens the levator ani of the pelvic floor and the external urethral sphincter. This stimulation elicits a full contraction of the pelvic floor to provide neuromuscular re-training.

Low frequency stimulation calms spasms of the detrusor muscle.

Voice-guided exercise program

InTone Voice-guided exercise program

Similar to a PT session, the InTone device instructs the patient on how to use the device and for how long (e.g. 3 second and 10 second contractions). The lighted visual biofeedback graph encourages patients to contract slowly, maintain the lights, and then release at the end of the contraction timer.

Using the quantifiable data, physicians can track a patient’s progress and assist with clinical decision making while ensuring compliance.

How it works

Physician office visits

InTone requires 5 – 7 physician office visits (99214), based upon diagnosis, to set up and program the device to the individual patient. Subsequent visits include review of data and adjustment of stimulation to maximize results.

Results, guaranteed

Patients complete sessions in the home; each session is approximately 12 minutes, six days a week. Once the desired results have been achieved, patients continue sessions one or two times a week to maintain gains.

Stress Urinary Incontinence symptoms typically resolve within 10 – 14 weeks — with patients often noticing results within a few weeks of use.

Urge Urinary Incontinence symptoms can take up to 26 weeks to resolve depending on the severity of symptoms. Patients will notice a gradual improvement over time. Once desired results are achieved, patients then move to a maintenance protocol of one to two times a week to maintain gains.


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Note: This device requires a physician oversight as well as a prescription. Before ordering, please fax a copy of your prescription to 262-373-0463.

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