Insurance Reimbursement

Because insurance plans vary in coverage, we’ve found it a best practice to have patients self-submit to insurance for their device. Even without insurance coverage, InControl products, your first-line treatments for incontinence, are the least expensive treatment options on the market.

HCPCS code for Apex®M, Apex®, and InTone® is E0740-NU.

InTone®MV is a private pay only device.

InTone and InToneMV are prescriptive medical devices and may qualify for Health Savings Accounts and insurance deductibles. The ApexM and Apex do not require a prescription; however, a prescription is recommended if a patient is going to seek reimbursement.

For Medicare Eligible Patients: Medicare covers HCPCS code E0740 as a capped rental (E0740-RR). Your clinic must be a Medicare Accredited DME provider to supply medical devices to Medicare patients. If your office is not an Accredited DME provider, please utilize our partner, Globe Drug & Surgical, to provide devices to your Medicare patients.

Globe Drug & Surgical: (917) 848-9172