Dr. Lisa Jaacks

Desert West OBGYN, Glendale, AZ

“Our patients have been especially grateful to have a solution to various types of bladder issues related to urinary incontinence without surgery, medication or side-effects. It has always been a philosophy of our practice to use the least invasive approach possible and InControl’s products have fit right in. Our patients appreciate it and our physicians are delighted to be able to bring success in a manner that ensures progress.”

Dr. Lisbeth Roy

Doctor’s Studio, Boca Raton, FL

“As an integral part of the O-shot procedure, Dr. Roy recommends the Apex and/or Intensity device for each patient. This combination is key in maximizing the potential for rejuvenating the female orgasm system and dramatically improving urinary and stress incontinence issues in women.”

Dr. Lauren Streicher

Gynecologic Specialists of Northwestern, Chicago, IL

“It’s time to talk about this taboo topic before diapers become the newest accessory in the Nike store. So yes, strengthen your calves and abs, but don’t forget to strengthen your below-the-belt muscles — be truly fit with InControl Medical products!”

Dr. Holly Thacker

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

“The new guideline for the treatment of urinary incontinence from the American College of Physicians stressed medical evaluation and management with a focus on physical therapy. Now that there are approved pelvic stimulating devices, like InTone, APEX, InToneMV and APEX M, women have the option of intense, effective pelvic floor physical therapy (with or without biofeedback) to treat common forms of urinary leakage.”

Dr. Maryann Prewitt

HealthWellness, MD, Dallas, TX

“Incontrol Medical products have truly changed the lives of Dr. Prewitt’s patients. The devices have proven to Dr. Prewitt’s patients that incontinence is ‘Not Just a Part of Aging,’ and is not something they have to live with. Patients that were once afraid to cough, sneeze or laugh, due to embarrassing urinary leakage, no longer have to live in fear. Men and women who were afraid to leave home with fear of being far from a restroom can now come and go at their leisure. The devices have also improved Dr. Prewitt’s patients’ activity levels. Patients who were once afraid to exercise due to urinary and fecal incontinence can now enjoy being active again.”

Associates in Women’s Health

Cincinnati, OH

“Many patients with urge urinary issues will take prescription drugs to combat this problem but find the side effects of the drugs to be an issue. Some women suffer from a combination of stress and urgency urinary problems. This condition is known as mixed urinary incontinence. InTone offers women a pelvic floor rehab regimen that works to end bladder leakage.”

Dr. Melvin Ashford

Minnesota Women’s Care, Maplewood, MN

“InControl Medical products have benefitted our patients by offering a simple, non-invasive solution to their urinary leakage.”

Dr. Kathryn White

Azure Med Spa, Frisco, TX

“InControl Medical products have been a great addition to our practice, and our patients have had wonderful results. Many patients have been able to avoid surgical procedures. They are also now able to enjoy being more active without fear of having ‘accidents.’”

Women’s Ultimate Health Care

Oklahoma City, OK

“We have been using InControl Medical products for a couple of years as part of overall health and wellness. All of them are amazing, affordable, easy to teach and very effective. For women with cystocele and rectocele (relaxed pelvic floor often from vaginal child birth), we have seen these products reduce and possibly eliminate these issues. The company has developed a product for men who have urine control problems as well. The InTone device gives women the vaginal muscle control they had when they were much younger prior to pregnancies.”

The Women’s Health Group

Thornton, CO

“If you have bladder leakage, due to weak pelvic floor muscles, that cause you to leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise, you may eliminate the problem by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Do yourself and the environment a favor; strengthen your muscles with ApexM today and help the environment.”

Virginia Women’s Center

Richmond, VA

“InControl Medical products have allowed our patients to maximize conservative management for the problems they are experiencing. We believe the products empower women to better understand and control their pelvic floor muscles.”

Catherine F. Vanderloos, MD

Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Shreveport, LA
Catherine Vanderloos

“My patient is a 75 year diabetic who presented to my office for help with severe yeast infection over her entire pelvic region due to severe urinary incontinence – which lead her to use many pads all day long and still would soil her clothing and furniture.

“When asked what was the one thing that we could use as a ‘carrot’ to get her to do her InTone training regularly, she said she wanted to be able to buy a new dress and attend her church (she had been unable to go for several years).

“With her daughter’s assistance, she returned in 9 weeks smiling, stating that she had just bought a new dress and would be attending the next service. She remains dry 3 years later.”

Advocare Premier Ob/Gyn of South Jersey

OB/GYN, South Jersey

“We had a 63-year old female patient who had urinary incontinence. One of our physicians introduced her to InTone. After starting to use the InTone, she gradually leaked less volume and started to see results.

“She eventually reported that she is no longer wearing pads, except in public for self-assurance. Currently, she has completed the therapy and continues on her maintenance program.”

Dr. Holly Thacker

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Dr Holly Thacker

“I treated a 90-year-old woman with SUI/UI/FI using an InToneMV post sling procedure where after just a few months of therapy she said I had given ‘her youth back.’”