Dr. Emily Morse Reviews Intensity

Dr. Emily Morse of SexWithEmily.com

As you all know by now, I’m a big fan of Kegel exercises. I believe that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is one of the best things you can do you for your sex life! A strengthened pelvic floor leads to stronger vaginal muscles, which help to make you feel tighter down there; it can also lead to women experiencing stronger, more frequent orgasms and, for some women, can actually heighten sexual arousal.

I’m SO passionate about pelvic floor exercises that I even created an app called Kegel Camp to help people keep up with their Kegels. The problem is, how do you know if you’re doing them correctly? Sure, my app can remind you to “squeeze and release” once a day, but it can’t exactly show you how to do your pelvic floor exercises correctly. If you think you’re doing your Kegels, but you’re actually just clenching and unclenching your butt cheeks, you’re not going to see any of the wonderful effects that this exercise can produce. That’s where the Apex and Intensity by InControl Medical comes into play.

Apex and Intensity by InControl Medical

“Here are the top 3 things that real people wanted you to know about their experiences with the game-changing Intensity”

You’ve heard me sing the praises of the Apex and Intensity before. In fact, my entire staff reviewed the game-changing sexual health device in this blog, not to mention my very popular sex toy review podcast not too long ago. It was during this podcast that we made a very special announcement: we were giving away 5 Intensities.

From that 30 second announcement in that one podcast, we received more than 50 emails from listeners who couldn’t wait to see what this revolutionary product could do for their sex life. One month later, we sent out 5 Intensities to 5 lucky women (or couples) who would put them to good use—All we asked was that they checked back in with us in a couple of months to let us know how things were going. And a few months later, they did.

We were very pleased with the responses we received from our new Intensity owners—Everyone we heard from who had been using the Intensity regularly for 30 days or more reported noticeable improvements in their overall pelvic floor strength. Yes, it took them a little getting used to. Yes, they all reported having to make an effort to work the Intensity into their daily routine. But the benefits proved to be worth their efforts in the end!


Many people think they’re doing they’re Kegels correctly, but are actually exercising their pelvic floor in an ineffective way. The pelvic floor isn’t just one big muscle, it is a group of separate, different muscles. When using the Intensity, all of your PC muscles are stimulated. This helps your brain and body to recognize and remember where your PC muscles are and what it feels like when they’re activated, making free standing Kegels easier to understand and execute. Here’s what Alaina had to say:

“Especially right after [using the Intensity], when you do the self-guided kegels. Muscle memory kind of kicks in, and usually when you’re questioning whether or not you’re doing it right, you know you’re doing it right after using the Intensity.”


The Intensity is no one-trick pony. Yes, it’s gentle electrical stimulations strengthen your pelvic floor muscles making you tighter, but the Intensity is also a powerful and effective dual vibrator! There’s an internal g-spot vibrator and an external clitoral vibrator, both of which can be controlled independently from the pelvic floor stimulators. So while you’re working out your Kegels, you can feel free to pop out an orgasm or two, like Kate:

“I wanted to use the Intensity to its full potential, so when I turned on the vibration and had to fiddle around with it BUT developed 3 orgasms!! From using the Intensity I now have weekly (sometimes daily) clitoral orgasms (I am working on blended orgasms etc.)”


Not only can this product bring you to orgasm while you’re using it, it also increases the strength, frequency, and you guessed it…intensity of ALL of your orgasms after regular use. Reaching orgasm during sex and even while masturbating is an incredibly common challenge for women. Just take it from Intensity owner Lisa:

“I love it and I love how it’s made my orgasms so much more accessible. It’s true, it gets you in the mood all the time and my boyfriend can get me off so easily. I’m finding it easier to come with intercourse and from different positions that didn’t used to make me orgasm.”

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