Cure Bladder Leakage at The Source

Attain is FDA cleared to treat stress, urge, mixed urinary incontinence and/or fecal incontinence. Attain provides muscle stimulation, visual biofeedback, and a guided exercise program to eliminate incontinence at the muscle level, without the risks of medications, surgery or wasted effort of Kegel exercises.

Available without a prescription.

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Pleasure with a Purpose

Intensity 2.0 is an intimate health and stimulation device that improves a woman’s sexual function by restoring pelvic floor muscle tone, strength and control. Intensity is scientifically designed to restore the excitement in intimate relationships by addressing the most important part of sexual health, the pelvic floor.

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Solve Stress Incontinence at the Source

Apex is an FDA-cleared device that gets to the root cause of stress incontinence; weak pelvic floor muscles. Use just 10 minutes a day for approximately 90 days, or until your symptoms are resolved. Apex strengthens your pelvic floor – eliminating stress incontinence and those embarrassing leaks.

Available without a prescription.

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