How it Works

Attain works by rehabilitating the essential muscles and sphincters in your pelvic floor that cause 90 percent of all bladder and bowel leakage issues.

Chances are there was a time in your life that your pelvic floor muscles, bladder sphincter, and anal sphincter were strong and resilient, the muscles surrounding your bladder were calm and only squeezed your bladder when your brain signaled it to. However, childbirth, high impact exercise and, yes, even age changed all of that. Attain restores those muscles and sphincters to their original condition and ends bladder and bowel leakage.

What does that mean for you? No more pads needed; no more rushing to the nearest bathroom; no more crossing your legs when you laugh, cough or sneeze; no more missing out on long trips because of constantly stopping to find a bathroom. Attain means one thing: Freedom from ever leaking again, just as it used to be.

What does Attain do?

In just 10 minutes a day for a few weeks, Attain strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and essential sphincters and calms the bladder muscle that causes the leaks.

Muscle Stimulation

Attain Biofeedback

One patented muscle stimulation signal strengthens one set of muscles and sphincters, and a different signal calms the bladder muscle that causes overactive bladder. Muscle rehabilitation has been used for decades by Physicians, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists to restore muscles and sphincters to their original performance levels.

Attain went a step further and dramatically improved the way those signals are delivered, making Attain the most efficient rehabilitation device available for the pelvic floor. Attain also strengthens the bladder and anal sphincters helping prevent bladder and bowel leakage.

Patented, Inflatable Balloon

Attain Probe

To rebuild muscle strength it is essential that the muscles contract around something that provides progressive resistance. If you go to the gym and lift an empty barbell you won’t gain in muscle strength; however, if you add weights to the barbell and continue to add weights as you get stronger you will build muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Attain uses a patented balloon intravaginal or rectal insertion unit that provides the same resistance as the weights do for the barbell. By inflating the balloon, the pressure inside the balloon goes up making it harder for the muscles to contract, thereby causing the muscles to work harder and gain more strength.

Attain Means Freedom

After age 50, one out of two women have to deal with overactive bladder. Overactive bladder is caused by the Detrusor muscle, which surrounds the bladder. Normally that muscle does not contract the bladder until the brain tells it to. However, sometime around age 50, that muscle loses that brain-muscle coordination and the muscle begins to spasm and contract when it’s not supposed to.

Attain sends a calming signal through the Pudendal nerve to the Sacral nerve that affects that muscle and calms it, eliminating the spasms. No more spasms, no more overactive bladder. You are back in control of your bladder. No more rushing to a bathroom, no more rushing to unlock the door to your house so you can get to a bathroom, no more getting up numerous times during the night to go to the bathroom. Attain means freedom from fear and anxiety, and a return to confidence.

Attain works to rehabilitate those muscles and sphincters to their original condition so that you have the ability to enjoy your life without fear of leakage.

Attain means… Freedom

Ready to be Incontinence Free?