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Dual Therapy Inflatable Muscle Stimulator Voice-Guided Control Unit Clinical Data


Video Transcript

InTone solves bladder leakage by utilizing several patented muscle stimulation algorithms, active resistance and biofeedback to dramatically increase muscle strength in the pelvic floor. 

In addition, InTone sends a calming signal to the detrusor muscle to decrease spasm and retrains the muscle to create more functional voiding.

InTone is customized specifically for you by your clinician.  You will complete your InTone sessions in the privacy of your own home and your clinician will monitor your progress.  As you improve, your clinician will modify your program to maximize results. 

InTone utilizes voice guided instruction to coach you through each session. The exercise program is very similar to the teaching sessions used in Physical Therapy.

You will complete your InTone program at your convenience, as each session is only 12 minutes and will be completed in the comfort of your own home. 

The InTone session is composed of mild muscle stimulation that exercises your pelvic floor muscle for you and simultaneously provides a calming signal to the detrusor muscle.

In addition, you will be instructed and guided through an active exercise session to complement the muscle stimulation.

This combination of muscle stimulation and active exercise increases muscle strength and will enable you to control your bladder function.

Sessions should be completed 6 times per week for 90 days to treat stress incontinence and 180 days for urge or mixed incontinence. After that, InTone is used once or twice per week to maintain continence. 

Think of InTone as a trip to the gym for your pelvic floor. If you go to the gym and lift weights for 90 days your muscles will definitely get stronger and you’ll have more strength. If you stop going to the gym your muscles will eventually lose that strength. But, if after you build that muscle you go to the gym once or twice a week to exercise you will maintain your gains.

InTone stores your strength data from each session in its hand held Control Unit that will be analyzed by your clinician to make sure you are gaining maximum benefit from the device. You and your clinician will be able to review quantitative data that documents the gains you’ve made in muscle strength.

Here is a simulation of the process. 


The Insertion Unit inflates by simply pressing the inflation bulb at the base of the handle.

Your clinician will assist you to identify just the right inflation for you to make sure the stimulation contacts are against your muscle wall and that active resistance is maximized.

Now simply press the Start Key and InTone will guide you through a pelvic floor training session combining active exercise, visual biofeedback, and muscle stimulation.  


When your session is complete, deflate the Insertion Unit and remove your InTone.

Simply wash the inflated Insertion Unit with a damp soapy cloth, rinse thoroughly and dry before storing.

Used as instructed, InTone will eliminate stress, urge and mixed incontinence without pain, without drugs and without surgery.

InControl Medical guarantees InTone will work for you IF you follow the treatment protocol and collaborate with your clinician to customize the device for maximum benefit.

In the unlikely event that InTone does not work for you, we will refund you or your insurance company the cost of the device.

Bladder leakage is not a normal condition and you don’t have to let it run your life. Take control with InTone.